I need some support

United States
March 20, 2007 6:19pm CST
Just 5 years ago I was hot smoking hot then I got with my man and got way to happy and comfortible 5 years later I have an awsome man and 2 gorgeous babies but a lot of unwanted pounds. How do you change eating habits and get back to your old body I want myself back and I could use some help, tips, advice encouraging stories of others going through the same thing.
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• India
27 Mar 07
Dear Christina, 1. As far as encouraging stories go, I for one am a living example of getting back to shape after having two babies. But yes, I did take a few premeditated steps to ensure that I would not pick up more pounds than necessary. 2. so? during my pregnancies, I did the requisite amount of exercises and diet plans after consulting my doctor. 3. But that is only half the story. The real work comes after the babies have arrived. I contiued to brest feed b oth my kids until they were two years old. Three months after my delivery,I commenced with a workout regimen. Initially, I started with a gentle work load, and within six months,I increased the routine to include a 5-10 km walk at brisk speed followed by some aerobics. 4. I was never so comfortable with dieting plans, so I decided to cut out junk/fast food from my menu. So also a check on the intake level of foods rich in carbohydrates and fatty oils. I quit intermediate snackings and kitchen raids,instead ,I stuck to just the three meals in a day. 5. Besides doing most of the household chores related to the children ensured that I never had the luxury to rest. 6. So? start with the walks. Then graduate to jogging and aerobics. Give a realistic time frame. Cut down on fried foods and other such unhealthy items on the menu.And dont loose heart if you dont start looking trim straight away. What accumalated in 5 years will need atleast an year to loose. Wish you Luck!