Are you sober? How was your first few months?

United States
March 20, 2007 9:03pm CST
Im 60 days clean of D&A and it feels wonderful to actually have a clear head again, I have gotten such a clear head that I am now into 3 days without a cigarette. However, for anyone that has ever gone to a treatment facility to get better and now is active in an AA or NA community how is your life going? They say all these wonderful things how life gets better and all these miracles and things of such. Ive found a higher power, started the steps, and it seems I only get kicked down more. Here Im doing more good than harm, and it just appears everything seems to be falling out from under me. Car problems, legal problems, living in the middle of no where, back with the family, temp. disabled. All great stuff for being sober. I mean I dont have the urge to use or anything like that, but I guess my question is, when does it "really" start to get better.
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