My husband still keeps his ex-girlfriends letters & photos..Is it ok?

March 20, 2007 9:16pm CST
My husband kept his ex-girlfriends photos and letters. At first I want to burn those letters and photos.However, I do not read them, its not because I am not interested, I am curious of course, its just because i dont want to feel any heartaches about his past. I once was a jealous girlfriend..(",). I asked him permission, i am not going to burn them..just throw them instead. However, he insisted not to, he told me that he loves me so much, but that was just a part of his past, it was like keeping a diary. He dont mind reading those letter anymore. Hearing those words from him i soon realized that he was right. I cannot take his past away from him, and I trusted him..TRUST played a big role on every relationship...