Cleaning your Keyboard

@bigstret (484)
March 20, 2007 9:39pm CST
How do you clean your Keyboard? This is how I do mine - Http://
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@jhartana (1085)
• Australia
21 Mar 07
With the badly dirtied keyboard I will pull the keyboard aparts and take the keys separately for cleaning with soap. I will also clean the inside of keyboard as it contain dirty dusts. Thanks for the tips anyway, I'll look into that when I get back home later.
• United States
2 Apr 07
A large, soft make-up brush will sweep the crumbs and dust nicely; and some wet wipes are very handy for cleaning the gunk off of the keys. Also, there are handy little computer vacs you can purchase. The best way to keep them clean and dust free is to use a keyboard cover when they're not in use.
@patootie (3593)
31 Mar 07
That's far too much faffing around for me ...heheh !! I tuen my keyboard upside down over a rubbish bag and shake violently .. (the keyboard, not the bag!) .. then I tap it on the edge of the desk .. then I use one of those 'fluffy duster' brush things and have a good old rootle around ... that's good enough for me .. The one time I spilt a mug of coffee on a keyboard though I shoved it in the dishwasher (and NO ... don't do this unless you a)know what you are doing b) can make sure it's totally dry by undoing it all and checking c) have the kind of keyboard you can do that to ..) ... 24 hours later I was using it again .. NEXT time I buy a keyboard I shall get one of the totally enclosed ones though ... then cleaning it will be just a wipe over with a damp cloth ... while the computer is unplugged of course !
@Naomi17 (624)
21 Mar 07
that was an excellent article! I do clean my keyboard with a small childrens paint brush, using an anti bacterial cleaner i have never totally dismantled it don't fancy putting all the keys back in lol
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
21 Mar 07
We shake ours out regularly. We try to only sit down and type with clean hands. Cover it when not in use. I heard that we could run it through the dish washer and get it clean and when it is absolutely dry reconnect it and type on. I will check out that link and see what else we might be able to do. Thanks for sharing it with all of Mylot.
@MrSaleh87 (341)
• Egypt
21 Mar 07
heeey really i thnx ya very much about this article we make all of use learn and make useful thnx about that and i think if ya need anything in anytime we all will be with ya
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
21 Mar 07
Cycling my keyboard almost every day and so I'd don't need to do so much effort to clean the. I just have a vacuum cleaner which I used to suck the dirt rates is between the keys and on the outer surface I can just wipe it with a small cotton cloth and that's it. I have a black coloured keyboard so if it gets dirty it is prominent quite easily and that is the reason why have two clean it on a regular basis apart from that I think we should clean the keyboard regularly because our fingers and continuous contract with it and so if it is dirty than the Germans are going to stick to a fingers and will coincide was stomach and in return it will affect our health so it is advisable to clean your mouse and keyboard on a regular basis because these two are the things which are for the most of the time direct contact with your skin.
@onlyu2008 (172)
• China
21 Mar 07
Thank you very much for your good article.
@decimus785 (1421)
• Aruba
21 Mar 07
Good article. I'm actually using a paint brush to clean the keyboard.
@nfhs79 (861)
• Malaysia
21 Mar 07
Thank you for the good article. ;)