Whom do you secretly envy.........

@kaevielf (246)
March 20, 2007 10:47pm CST
because of their personal appearance,reputation,position,abilities or possessions. Can you rejoice with someone who has more than you do or do you become bitter when you compare yourself with such a person?
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
22 Apr 07
Am sorry to say this, but I really envy the frst family in my country-these is the Prsident and his family. The children are living off the tax payers sweat just because the president is the power that be in the land! They have taken nearly all business in the prime location of the city. They continue take claim over land that for a long time were considered wet-land or government land and in the name of some dubious investors,this land is curved away, yet behind the scenes, they front the so call investors in the public eye, while the truth is, they are the ones running the investment show! The kind of abuse of power to benefit the president and his children invites envy and almost hateful disaffection!
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@kaevielf (246)
• China
24 Apr 07
I am with you, my friend. We have the same problem in our country. I don't envy them that much, though but I wish I could also enjoy the luxury of their lives not on corruption means but by my own success. I pity them because everybody loathes them. People treat them as lesser humans.