March 20, 2007 10:55pm CST
what do you think of china? can you tell me?
3 responses
@love923yr (195)
• China
22 Mar 07
a beautiful country
@kaevielf (246)
• China
21 Mar 07
China is a big country with so many bicycles,lol. I have never seen so many before. It is a nice country with very friendly people. Very old yet very new. You can still smell the history. It's developing very fast. Many call it as the sleeping giant. I love being here in China.
@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
21 Mar 07
Love the culture, read a lot of the literature and the history, including Ssu-Ma Chien "Records Of The Historian". Read some of the Taoist books, Confucius, Li Po, Tu Fu, and Wu Chen Eng "Journey To The West", in three volumes. Hava a few overseas Chinese friends, and enough Chinese bric a brac to fill the Forbidden City. I figured out if I went to China for a holiday, it'd take a year just to see the Huang Shan area properly... and another year for somebody with a crowbar to get me out of there. wouldn't consider moving the Huang Shan region to Australia for me, would you? It'd go rather well with the Opera House, etc. I'm hoping China is starting one of its brillian periods, a modern version of the Tang or Ming, hopefully without the same endings. Good luck to you all, you're a bit overdue for some good times.