Do you criticize people's physical appearance?

United States
March 20, 2007 11:53pm CST
I mean do you laugh or giggle when you saw something funny about one's physical appearance? Like being too fat, too thin, too dark, flat nose, flat chest, big boobs, etc! Do you criticize someone on how they dress up! Example is when a big woman wore a skimpy tank top? Do you think it's not appropriate or it doesn't bother you at all?
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@greengal (4286)
• United States
21 Mar 07
I know certain people don't care for how they dress or behave, but when I notice something like that I just wonder within why they are like that but I never make fun or point fingers. I think that's plain rude and not fair at all.
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• Singapore
21 Mar 07
Of course not! No one should be doing such cruel things. It is not their fault for someone to be born this way. Instead, you should look at them and feeling grateful that you are not suffering like them.
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@im_anna (718)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
no, i don't do that. how would you feel if others would do that to you? nobody's perfect
@kitkat1 (1227)
• Canada
19 Apr 07
With me that has never been an issue i was brought up not to do that but most people have been brought up that way it dont stop them from doing it either. For me i guess along with being brought up not to i was on the recieveing end of the people that make fun alot and i know how hurtful it is and i would never want to hurt someone else like that. As far as whether someone's look is appropriate to me or not if i dont agree then i just dont look it is just that simple everyone has a right to be what they want. Like i said when you are on the recieveing end you see it alot differently.