autographed pictures on ebay

@shmeedia (1045)
March 21, 2007 1:02am CST
have any of you noticed people on ebay selling autographed items, such as posters or photos? if so...what do you think the 'star' must think at the time of the signing? because from what i see, these ebay sellers are not selling one or two autographs but many from the same star. i wonder, do they stand there in front of the star with a pack of 8x10 glossies and say 'please sign all 50 of these'? :) wouldn't the star get wise to this kind of person? wouldn't it be obvious, even after 3 or 4 signatures, that these are going straight to ebay? maybe it doesn't bother them? maybe they find it amusing? or maybe the stuff being sold are all fakes haha.
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@ZenDove (698)
• United States
21 Mar 07
I tend to think that maybe they are copied or fakes, whenever there is more than one. I have two posters one autographed by Anne Rice and the other by Brad Pitt. In both cases, the crowd was such that the one autograph was barely legible. No way would there have been time for a stack of photos to be signed. The crowd wouldn't have tolerated it either. Ms Rice was seated at a table and there was still barely time for the one signature. And Brad was supposedly on the move - I say supposedly because someone gave me that poster and I'll just have to trust them that Mr Pitt did the signing and not their left hand! lol I wouldn't think that a celeb would care too much about autographs being sold, whether they were authentic or not. It promotes their fame and it's good news that someone would be interested in paying money for their scrawled names. I don't think that I would purchase posters or photos that were signed because half the fun is in witnessing the signing. Besides, then you'd never have to wonder if is what legit or not. :-)
@shmeedia (1045)
• Canada
23 Mar 07
i had a thought.... perhaps some of them, the ones that are claiming to be 'official promo glossies', are actually authentic, but coming from a pr office that deals directly with the star. maybe someone on the inside is putting these up on ebay and making side cash with them, which is totally uncool. otherwise, yeah normally, a crowd signing is really rushed....the person who can stand there and ask for more than one signature, must have run into this star accidentally, somewhere where nobody else recognized them. and if that were the case, why would this loony-bat be lugging around 50 pictures of this particular star? all too convenient, isn't it? :) but i agree with you that part of the fun is having actually seen the person sign it FOR you. i remember a friend who was on the way to a conference that i couldn't attend with her, and asking her as a joke, to make sure to get a photo posing with this guy who i knew would be there. she actually went one step further, bought me a comic book and had him sign it for was really sweet of her, but completely unneccessary! i was completely contented with the photo she posed for with him ;)