Mile to go before Sun shall sleep

@infohome (1222)
March 21, 2007 4:14am CST
Like a bewitched beauty moon intrigues the Sun Does it radiates like a rainbow in the sky Brushing her colors at both ends of horizon? Or a mystique thriller of Black & White era To increase Sun's desire to conquer its Aura He tries a glance thru' the dense thick forests A ray of hope darting thru entwined trees For it to touch the moon and give its warmth A feel of affirmation for the comforting Sun Or a blanket in an icy cold midnight moon! While days may come and months may go Memories of bygone years do surely glow Hoping a day that makes one's special day Covering that mile, step by step on every bay Wondering if moon ever sees Sun's ray of hope Glowing miles away, traveling seas and slope Thru the deep woods of sorrows and solitudes Over the green pastures and snowy altitudes Sun burns with that solitary and lonely ray Hoping to reach moon on a bright Sunny day That might brighten It with another year The ray which belongs to It so near and dear Sun still glows and burns with a desire so deep There are miles to go before Sun sha'll sleep There are miles to go before Sun sha'll sleep
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