i got fired for my opinion.

March 21, 2007 4:36am CST
i was fired recently form job because i stand on my opinion that my boss should be held responsible if we are not making sales. he is the one that call all the shorts and since he doesn't want to take ideas for his surdodinates, he must be held responsible. instead of him to learn, he is firing and hiring. tell me, is he taking things personal or is it just work ethic?
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@lalav1 (1056)
• United States
21 Mar 07
Unfortunately companies used to be loyal to their employees and employees were loyal to their jobs. I have learned job loyalty no longer exists. Some employers will fire people at the drop of a hat. The last place I worked if they didn't have a good reason to fire you they'd make up a reason. You really have to be careful about who you tell your opinions to, even if you're right. Anyway, I am sure you will get unemployment and find a much better job. Good luck to you.
@ydnac22 (804)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
maybe he felt that you steeped on his ego....yes sometimes mistake is hard to accept and maybe that what happend to your boss.Instead of listening to hier subordinates thoughts he fired you and yes he took it very personal...he dont even base to the labor code policy on how and when to fire employees... he should be the one to be fired! (lol) Dont worry atleast you raised up and stand for your idea. Im proud of you.. You deserve a better job with a nice boss. Good luck
@harvie (130)
• United States
21 Mar 07
thats rude man!!!! u shld not let it go like tht
@rhood2019 (109)
• India
21 Mar 07
It is very easy to point out others mistakes than you own. Your boss had done the same thing. Often we don't want to see the truth because it hurt us. But in the long run it may stall our progress. I learned it a hard way. The best way is to accept it and take a different approach. Your boss seems to have an very inflated ego. If he doesn't check it he will be the looser. If it continues in the long run your boss will be fired sooner or later. On the other hand it may be a boon for you that you may find a new job with a new boss without this type of problem. Wish you all the luck for your new job.