Walking down memory lane..What you think of your past?

@dianagnes (1088)
March 21, 2007 4:45am CST
The past is made up of amazing memories.You may choose to remember them fondly or to relegate them into oblivion.Sometimes unfortunate events occur that can be devastating at first but when you take stock of the whole event,it may be a wonderful lesson or a bitter sweet experience.It may even bring smile to your face.They are part of memories.Memories are like that.Some linger on,some fade,some hurt.But they contribute to what we are today.Happy memories provide lots of sweets remembrances while the less pleasant ones may annoy you.The beauty of them all is that you get to play them back in your mind and reflect on them.Lessons can be learnt quite effectively,especially if the lesson were your own.As they say,practice makes perfect and life's hardest lessons are learnt the hard way.All said and done -sweet or bitter - memories are yours and yours alone to cherish and treasure.What's your opinion?
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