Strategies you use in game on the fly

March 21, 2007 6:04am CST
Hey was just wondering what kind of tactics you use when playing public on de_dust & de_dust2 as terrorist.. my favourite ones (all involving hard rushing) are: de_dust smoke rush: once you get in the hallway take a left, throw a smoke out the first exit and go out along with it (most people assume its a flash and will turn) and then shoot unsuspecting people and make your way to the snipers nest behind the cts. de_dust my rush: once you enter hallway, take a right to the underpass, jump directly from the hallway stairs to the ledge and drop down to the underpass, then rush up the underpass and make your way to snipers nest again (most people dont expect underpass rushes as they usually have people at snipers nest). de_dust2 smoke rush: Rush to the hallway towards bombsite B, while rushing through the corridor to B throw a smoke so that it lands at B bombsite (people will think its a flash) and you've created a moment of surprise.. (need lots of backup for this one as there can be quite a few CTs at B). de_dust2 middle rush: Quite self-explanatory, best way is to get to the hallway by going the back way (i.e. as if you were going to B bombsite) and then go down the stairs and rush out the middle.. most people lingering around the middle or awpers, so if you keep moving you should be able to kill them relatively easy. As a CT you can prevent the de_dust2 smoke rush easily, as CTs can make it to bombsite B and inside the hallway before the Ts make it. All you have to do is rush to B and throw a flash ONLY when you are in the corridor, make it bounce off the wall and go off inside the hallway (not the corridor) and then take over the hallway and kill any blind Ts.
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