Amnesty International claim law punishes victims of rape in Pakistan.

@urbandekay (18311)
March 21, 2007 6:52am CST
According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, every two hours a woman is raped in Pakistan and every eight hours a woman is subjected to gang rape. The frequency of rape is thought to be much higher but many rapes remain unreported due to a combination of social taboos, discriminatory laws and victimization by the police. Meanwhile, Pakistani law is punishing victims of rape as though they were criminals while the perpetrators go free. Priya, aged 13, was abducted and raped by her neighbour. Her brother found her bruised and unconscious in an alley behind their house. Her father reported the rape at the police station and medical reports confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted. The case was brought before a magistrate. Priya named her attacker but had no proof of rape other than the medical examination. According to Zina laws, her own testimony is not admissible as evidence. Rape must be proved either by the perpetrator's confession or by the testimony of four men. Priya's neighbour denied the charges of rape and so she was unable to prove that the act of penetration had been non-consensual. Having attained puberty a few months earlier, Priya was legally considered an adult. Since the medical examination proved that penetration did occur, the legal tables turned against Priya and she was put in detention on charges of Zina. Her father faced charges of Qazf for reporting the rape and was also detained. The rapist went free. Will Muslims reading this condemn this disgusting practice? all the best urban
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@maribea (2366)
• Italy
22 Mar 07
my dear friend I think that everybody, not only muslims, condemn this abuse...unfortunately we are perfectly aware that world is not perfect and that men can be cruel and crazy..Amnesty is continously reporting violations of human rights all over the world and nobody seem to pay attention to this...we all end up saying that they are undercultured people, that this has nothing to do with us because we live in a civil place where law is protecting us against any abuse...until we don't change our mind, until we don't understand that we defend our own rights defending the rights of each human being, until we are not offended by situations like this, world is not going to change...and Amnesty is doing is trying to create a world is asking us...what are you doing for this? what are you doing when this is happening next or far to you?