Important: Beware Of PayPal Criminals!!!

@elisata (569)
March 21, 2007 8:01am CST
Dear Mylotters, I just tell you what happened to me day before yesterday, so you all can be on your guard... I received an email from Paypal in which was noted that a laptop was bought on my account of approx. $1000... The purchase would be paid through my creditcard. The text was in english, whilst I usually get emails in Dutch, me living in the Netherlands. I panicked! I confess... H***, someone was trying to steal from me! So I did not pay attention to the english text... Under the text was a link: To contest this purchase, click this link. (The more experienced amongst you get chivers down the spine right now)... Well, I certainly was going to contest that purchase, of course I was... I did think it a little odd that that link was there, it never was/is in the Dutch version, but hey... I was being robbed here, right? Wrong. Nothing had happend so far... the bait was thrown out, somebody was waiting to haul the fish in.... Fortunately, the fis came to her senses in time... I clicked the link (oh oh, stupid stupid) and while Paypal asked for my login data, two things happened: I came to my senses and VERY apprehensive, and at the same time Symantec warned me for a "phishing expedition". Brrrrr I did not log in of course! What I did do was block my credit card for internet payments (you can do that and still physically use your card. every tme you want to make an online payment, you have to phone them and you can do it). So I safed, but only just... Moreinfo warned us before: NEVER click a link from any financal company you do business with, they don't work that way... So Moreinfo has been a bit of my guardan angel when I suddenly became so apprehensive, I guess. I phoned the police today, and the like me to come to the precinct and file a charge... So I will tomorrow. So BE WARNED, the criminals are out there to phish your data and then rob you blind....!!
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@jeanpri (269)
• Malaysia
21 Mar 07
This is a very good warning to all of us. Although I do not own a paypal account, I think the same would also go for egold. It is scary what can happen and we lose all our funds.
• United States
21 Mar 07
I have had that happen to me alot with someone using a bogus paypal site. I almost did the same thing you did. They say that someone is using my idenity and my account in another country and wanted me to update my stuff. I never did. There is a way to report these kinds of emails right to paypal but I can't remember the address right now. When I get it I will message it to you.
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@nrnotrare (631)
• United States
21 Mar 07
Hello elisata....... You are correct, emails that pretend to be from PayPal are scams.......any suspicious email like this should be forwarded to: For any that pretend to be from ebay, forward them to: You will receive two emails thanking you for reporting a suspicious email and one explaining about phishing scams. Tom