kids tv programmes?

March 21, 2007 8:21am CST
which is you kids fave tv programmes are they educational? or are they just fun? My daughters is Doodle Doo and they paint pictures and play games..
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10 Jun 07
my childs fav tv programme was dora the exploerer but there again she had so many she liked and i do think some of the childrens programmes r educational like blue peter dora hi5 and alot of it is jus fun i am a teacher and i dnt believe in leaving ure children in front of the tv my children come home and hav to do there homewrok before anything and can only watch 2 hours of tv in any day i prefer them to sit down with a book or do somthing more than jus sit and watch tv
20 Jun 07
yeah my daughters got into dora now also she enjoys wonderpets and go diego go, these are so educational though. my niece who is 4 started watching dora last year sometime and is able to speak a few words in spanish also able to count upto 10!!!
@nic24uk (571)
22 Mar 07
haha my sons is also doodle doo he loves it lol