The day you. . . "came out of the closet"

"its us" my friends and me - We are hiding something.that is why we are on our backs... nope. were just immitating that asian primetime tv hit series."meteor garden" the four taiwanese cute guys...just to let you know..."F4" that's the group's name. Its a boy band thing. and me as their leading lady...(swell). hahaha. Im an asian... so i'd choose this one photo taken during a college activity in the mountains of Batangas, where I belong. .the Philippines.
March 21, 2007 9:21am CST
How was the feeling? Few would admit it ofcourse...only those who have the guts to spill it out. And accept the reality... It just how you see the views of whatever will come out for the results and on what your expecting after it happens. Now what am I trying to say here is... that simple not-so-deffensive way of saying..."Im not gay! I" "Isn't He? or Is not he?" This is one of the greatest story each and every one will ever told.........(except for the straights). Why bother... the world is waiting.
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