Ban on Death Metal Music!!

@jarves (814)
March 21, 2007 10:30am CST
Music anyone???! I love listening to music, all kinds of music! Melow, jazz, rnb, hiphop, alternative, religious and even Death Metal!I dont really stay on one particular type of music. I just listen to them all. But im just a little disturbed with DEath Metal music. I like the sound of this kind of music but what i dont like is the lyrics and the message they convey. It's brutal, gore and even anti christian. There have been lots of social groups, religious and even political figures that ban bands playing this type of music. It conveys negative messages to people listening to music resulting for them to become violent. Now my stand for the banning of this type of music is not clear.hehe i mean, i like listening to this kind of music and sometimes i dont mind the message it delivers. You! What is your stand against it??
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