badmouthing you child

@sunshine4 (8708)
United States
March 21, 2007 11:52am CST
what would you do if an adult was talking trash about your 18 yr old? This mom (46 yr old) was loudly telling some people at a bar that my son got her daughter hooked on drugs!! One of my good friends happened to be one of the people she was telling. The next day my friend told me this lady was badmouthing my child, my husband and I. She said my son got her daughter hooked on the drugs and my husband and I are dealers!!! I was shocked. I then told my friend that my son had just got a new job where they drug tested him, so I know for a fact he isn't doing drugs ~ and she knows me and my husband well enough to know this was false. What would you do in this case? I have done nothing but tell my son no to go near her daughter anymore. I figure it is better to stay away from this looney.
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21 Mar 07
I think you have done the right thing. I don't think there is any point in talking to her and making her opinion of you even worse, I would think it is best to ignore her and not have anything to do with the family any more.