Do you think its true

United States
March 21, 2007 11:55am CST
Do forget your past relationship have to fall in new relationship faster ..
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21 Mar 07
For me, I havent ever forgotten any of the people who I have had as a boyfriend but I have forgotten what it was like being with them. I can often remember going somewhere or doing something but not always who it was with. Not that there have been hundreds. I dont know if that is just because I am a bit forgetful or because I have subconciously blocked it out from my memory because it is no longer important.
@David_B (89)
21 Mar 07 me that wasn't the case. I was together with a girl for almost three years and when we broke up I was really grieving her for a long time. It took me almost two years before I started to get interested in the girl that I'm together with now.
@sarah22 (3981)
• United States
21 Mar 07
no, i did not ever do that. even if it too long to get over someone,a new person wanting to be with me, it too me time to get out with them. im just like that. i cannot replace lovers just by the drop of a hat.
@rekhum (2434)
• India
21 Mar 07
Its not easy to forget.But i manage to let go. I am real bad at this.Worst thing is i am way too slow in falling into a new bonding.
@raider (169)
• Italy
21 Mar 07
I think that with a new relationship we forget past relationship, but we will not forget what we have tried in that relation...this is the life...
@camery (26)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
I guess nobody ever forgets a past relationship. I guess the question here is letting go of a past relationship. When you have been healed by past wounds from a relationship and you have finally let go of your partner then its easier to find love again.