What would you do?,if an ant crawls on your hand and bites you!

March 21, 2007 12:13pm CST
Last sunday i was watching a movie while laying on my bed when something crawled on my arm,I felt something iching me and then i felta little bit of pain.I raised my arm and seeked the source of the pain and it was a small ant.I was really hurt,so I grabbed the ant with my fingers and killed it by squeezing it with my fingers.What would you do if you were me ??
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• Singapore
21 Mar 07
I will just kill it straight haha. Serve it right for messing around with me. If it is not on me, I might just talk to it to invite him elsewhere if I am in a good mood. :P
• Pakistan
21 Mar 07
lol u cant just talk to ants
@suraj5747 (207)
21 Mar 07
i should have also done the same what you did by squeezing it and killing it.and later then i would wash my hands with water and apply some ointment.as we dont know weather the ant is infected or not so why not taking precautions before any disease spreads in our body.
@greengal (4286)
• United States
22 Mar 07
Haha! Poor ant..it bit the wrong person and met its fate ;o) I know I've done it too, was just pulling your leg...I would first push it away and then crush it..I hate it when ants bite (who doesn't!)