ADHD and Potty training. Is there a connection?

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March 21, 2007 2:17pm CST
I have a four year old son who refuses to use the potty. I believe he has ADHD. His father and uncle are both ADHD and he shows a lot of the signs of being ADHD. So I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a connection between ADHD and late potty training? If so any advice on how to get him potty trained would be helpful. HELP! I am going out of my mind!!!!!
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29 Mar 07
My nephew has ADHD. He is 3 and a half. He did good for a while, but now he will not use the potty if he has to pee. It is aweful. My 2 girls are 4 and 2, and they are fully potty trained. And they are watching a almost 4 year old potty in his pants everyday. It is crazy. I have heard that it is really harder to potty train a boy. I dunno why. That is just what they say. My girls were very easy.
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14 Apr 08
Did your nephew finally get potty trained? Mine finally did about two weeks before he started prek. I also did find out from his doctor that was a very good possiblity that his ADHD was hendering his potty training. As for girls being easier to train than boys. That is a definite. My daughter was so much easier to train. She pretty much trained herself.