Spending Under the Democrats

United States
March 21, 2007 2:32pm CST
The Democrats have pledged to rid Congress and the Federal Government from unneeded and useless Pork Projects. They must have meant that they will start after they have finished funding all of their Pork projects. HR 1591: US Troop Readiness, Veterans Health, and Iraq Accountability Act, 2007 This act was meant to pass additional funding for our troops who are fighting overseas. What was supposed to be a bill to get funding for additional equipment and raise the bar for health care for our veterans has now balloned to a $124 BILLION spending binge. Included are: $25 Million for Spinach Growers $100 Million for Citrus Growers $25 Million for livestock farmers $74 Million for Peanut Storage $283 Million in Milk Subsidies $120 Million for shrimp fishing $60 Million for fisheries $35 Million for NASA $5 Million for breeding, rearing or transporting live fish $6.4 Million in Salaries and expenses for the House of Representatives $16 Million for additional Office Space for the House. $735 Million for the State Childrens Health Insurance Program $400 Million for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program AND a Minimum wage increase. Why do any members of Congress find it decent or even justifiable to hold the lives of the men and women who fight and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to spending on projects in their district. Their spending tops $21 BILLION above and beyond the Presidents requests. Just an FYI, Federal Spending is near $24,000 per household in the US. This bill averages $721 million per page. It is now 172 pages long.
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@kamran12 (5555)
• Pakistan
21 Mar 07
Democrats will find it difficult to defend their support for more funding in 2008 presidential elections. they are already under criticism for their support for the new bill.
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@Destiny007 (5820)
• United States
21 Mar 07
Everyone is complaining that Bush is spending too much money, yet the Democrats try to slip something like this in, thus proving once again their unmitigated hypocrisy. This pork spending has long been a pet peeve of mine and it has been done by both sides. They seem to think that by adding this pork to an important or necessary bill that they can get things approved that would never pass by themselves. Usually they are right. There is no excuse for this, and they are definitely playing politics with our soldiers, when instead they should be supporting them. I think bills should be submitted as single items with no add ons. That would eliminate a lot of pork projects being snuck in. I wonder how many read those bills all the way through before voting on them.
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