lie or tell the truth!?

@Emilie88 (143)
March 21, 2007 2:56pm CST
Not long ago my friend came to me in ┬źdistress┬╗ almost crying...about a bad haircut ...I must admit her hair looked really bad,and on top of that, her hair was cut really short. She was even wearing a hat so others couldn't see her new haircut. The thing is, I was really trying to make her feel better but I just couldn't tell her that her new haircut was nice..It looked terrible and she probably noticed it by my facial expression. Although it was pretty obvious that the haircut was a total failure, she kept asking me if it was THAT bad ...on the verge or crying... I tried to avoid a response but I finally told her that it wasn't that bad and that anyways she could always put her hair up in a pony tail or something ...I think I made her feel even WORSE saying that... Should I have lied to make her feel better ? What's the best thing to do in situations like that!?
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21 Mar 07
Gets me to think of the same situation I was a in week ago when a hairdresser cut my hair so short and so badly that I almost broke into tears! Ok... having been through it, I can safely say that telling the truth to her will only make her feel bad! Lying to her will make her feel worse! :)) The best thing to do in such situations is to help her find alternatives that would make her feel better... like rectifying her hair cut in a better salon for instance!