You can do it

March 21, 2007 3:37pm CST
Hello friends ,well we do face across such situations that some one close to us is feeling too low and at times we have to motivate him so that he can move ahead. I would like to know my friends, that how do you encourage people? How do you discuss a particular matter with others, be it your friends, rivals, competetors, parents anyone, how do you make a move? There do arise such time when a word from you can create a lot of difference. I would like to tell you something happened with my mother. My mom wasn't a bright student in her school days, she failed when she was in class 6th. My grandfather wasnot stable financially to pay fees and waste them. So he told my mom that 'this is the last chance, I don't have money to spend after you in this way, you give me the results and you move on, I'll promise nothing will come your way, and I'll spend more than what I can but the condition is I want the good result' those were the words and then on my mom worked hard, she didn't turn a scholy after that but she did bring first class or second class atleast after that and she moved all the way to M.Com. So one sentence and life changes, so have you ever faced any such situation wherein you gave or you were given some encouragement or motivation ,come on share it up here. Also tell me a few ways to encourage people, if you really have some.
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@weemam (13377)
21 Mar 07
my sons are 44.41 and 26 . they have all done something with their lives and are all very smart , I used to tell them that if they always did there best then that would be good enough for me as I loved them and only ever wanted the best for them , and it worked , xx