Which is the best motivational and inspirational book you have come across??

March 21, 2007 3:54pm CST
Which is the best motivation and inspirational book you have come across?? What are your learnings from it?? Do you really think you were able to implement the learnings from it in your life?? Do you feel it has made any impact in your life?? Which is the best thing you liked the most and why?? Do you think those learnings can make the impact on the other peoples also if they follow them??
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@eaforeman6 (8983)
• United States
21 Mar 07
The Bible would be my answer. I think the keys to success in life are in the good book. The ten commandments is an excellent guideline to live by. I think in the over all sense its the best book to read and reread and to seek to understand.
• India
22 Mar 07
What i percieve by my knowledge is that Bible is not a book but it is a religion. All the book belonging to different religions like: Quran(muslim), Ramayan(hindu), Gita(hindu), Guru Granth Sahid(punjabi)etc. are not actually impacting our life but this is our fear to the religion which creates the impact. People are never courageous enough to question the content of the book. We follow as considering that an order from the god. If you are not fearful and convinced by all your senses and then follow the advices and and implement those in your way of living then only i think we conider that u are truly influenced by the author.
@rainsong7 (124)
• Canada
21 Mar 07
I would have to say the series by Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements The Mastery of Love & The Gift of Knowledge these books changed my perspective on everything from religion to nature...i grew in my tolerance for others...grasped the ability to have serenity and peace in my mind & life...these readings marked an increased acceptance and love for myself which has had a ripple effect... now i seem to have the ability to do this for all people/situations that are a part of my daily life...i would suggest these readings to "everyone'...regardless of spiritual beliefs...