Hollywood vs Bollywood.

@manvik (940)
March 21, 2007 4:09pm CST
First of all I give a definition what does BOLLYWOOD mean? BOLLYWOOD refers to hindi movies.Movies made in India. Now lets come to the point. Hollywood means,85% of movies,a nice package with special effects.Special effects is the blood of Hollywood.i think without it Hollywood won't survive,nowadays. On the other hand,Bollywood means,100% of movies,a package with songs,romance and actions.Without action it can survive also without romance too.But without songs Bollywood is handicapped. what is your opinion?
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• Philippines
3 Apr 07
i've already watch a lot of indian movie and i find it very nice, even if i can't understand the song i know its very romantic.one of my favorite bollywood movie is KRISSH...
@manvik (940)
• Hungary
4 Apr 07
Indian movies are romantic and enjoyable.However I did not watch KRISHH... I have heard that this movie is like SUPERMAN. Enjoy Bollywood.
• United States
23 Mar 07
I like both. I watch them online at www.MeTubes.com They have some great Hollywood and Bollywood movies. They also have TV Shows I could watch while responding to Mylot discussions. Try it I love it. Goto www.MeTubes.com. Enjoy!
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• India
22 Mar 07
Bollywood is referred to the Hindi Film Industry of India which is based in Bombay, now its called Mumbai. Song and Music is the integral part of Indian movies, whether its a Hindi movie or movie in any regional language. Only few handfull of movies are made in India which doesnt have songs and I think people can count them in their fingers.
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