What is the best Stats for Blade Knight?

March 21, 2007 6:51pm CST
Im currently using a Blade Knight, every time i leveled-up i receive Status points. Where do i put these points? And how do i maximize the full potential of a Blade Knight?
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4 May 07
hi dude... im a MU player too. what server are you playing? To have a powerful Blade Knight, you have to focus your status points more in strength & agility... strength is for damage, ability is for speed & a little bit damage. for vitality, it will increase you Health points, so it's so necessary for blade knight because knight has strong defense because they are melee in combat... and for energy, it is really not necessary, you just need to comply the required points for some skills and increase your Mana points..... hopr i give you some tips.. enjoy playing...
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10 May 09
hehehe your stupid at building stats for BK,STR and AGI?in our server MU online philippines(Tahr)doesn't nid rebirth or reset.So if your build is STR and AGI thats sucks a lot because low hp and energy,The best build of all is Agi ang vitality,normal combo but great defense and hp,the minimum energy is 200. this stats is what im planning now for my BK STR:612 AGI:770 VIT:700 ENE:178
25 Mar 11
I'm also a MU player myself and here some pointers based on experience. Basically, there are two types or ways on how are going to distribute your points. We usually call it "STAT" means statistic. (don't know if it's a correct term or not. I just follow lingo of our MU general public. :P) 1. LEVEL UP STAT - this means that you distributed your points to gain more XP. The damage that it can cause to mobs is much higher compared to the other STAT. The disadvantage of this type is that you have a low defense. my suggestion: 15000 points STR = 4k AGI = 4k VIT = no need to add points here ENE = 7k YES! you should have a high energy because it can boost your damage when you receive buff from a gorgeous elf. 2. WAR STAT - it means that your character is ready to become one of the hated character in MU world by jealous peps. (if you are the strongest.. hehehehe) In this stat, you need to have a good defense thus, you have to put more on AGI and VIT. ENE is just for requirement so that u can use your skills. my suggestion: 15000 points STR = 6k AGI = 5k VIT = 3k ENE = 1k I just assumed that your playing in a server that offers "resets" to your character. Hope this one helps you dude! Enjoy and keep killing noobs este mobs! hahahahah
1 Jun 11
Hi guys i have a question, i play on frozen mu - max reset 200= 45874 spare points. How i should add my stats to be strong.
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25 Feb 10
hai...its nice to see and feel the damage of your blade knight when your status will be energy and agility because energy give more mana and also it can bring a big damage to the competitor and agility bring also high speed when it combine damage and speed aim sure your competitor will easily kill...
@danzer (2732)
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4 Aug 07
If u receive a status points just put all of your status points in strength!Concentrate first in putting status points in your strength so that you will be strong. After putting points in your strength concentrate now with agility so that your bk will be fast in using swords or axes! How about you? Can you teach me too?
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9 Jun 07
Well for me I have a Blade Knight myself playing on a private server, there are three types of build for a blade knight: (1) Strength Type = Pure strength a little bit on agility to match with you set and weapon bigger damage but slow attack(Recommended set a full DSR = Defense Success Rate Set since you have low agility)(2) Agility Type = Pure Agility, putting on enough strength to match with set and weapon faster attack stronger defense (I would recommend this kind of build and a good DSR+DD) (3)Vitality Type = Enough strength and agility to match set and more on vitality (good for duels specially when you are using a reflect damage set)
@Ysera324 (237)
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5 May 07
Well, if I were you, I'd put them in agility. You'd think strength was important and it really is, but for me, I hate slow attacks so I put them in agility. Besides, it also increases defense.