Are you a trouble maker?

March 21, 2007 8:14pm CST
Many of us are wondering sometimes why our parents or boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife are fighting with us? I have lots of friends who took up the Landmark Course its about helping you with yourself and knowing how you live with your life and especially the situations in your life as well. My boyfriend took the same course but I didn't, but it wasn't hard for us because he's patient and he's been trying to help me out what's going on with me whenever there's struggles that I'm facing. Sometimes people don't see the way other people see it..when my boyfriend and I had a fight before, i was putting all the blame on him and didn't realize that the problem was me from the beginning! He helped me realized thanks to him! :) Advice: When you are in a fight, try catching yourself in many ways..If you've been blaming other people. Oh no! Its actually you who's being a trouble maker. Stay calm & no pointing finger cause everything can be talked about.
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