obesity a worldwide epidemic? and can cause DEATH?

March 21, 2007 8:58pm CST
Obesity and its complications are a WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC. According to researches: 1.The continuing epidemic of Obesity in America could wipe out many of recent improvements in health within the next 20 years. - MSNBC.com 2. About every fourth person on earth is too fat, Obesity is fast becoming one of the worlds leading reasons why peepole die-International Obesity Task Force 3. 64.5% of U.S are either overweight or obese. According to projections, 73% of U.S adults could be overweight or obese by 2008 - BBC news 4. Physical inactivity and being overweight account for more than 300,000 premature deaths annually in th U.S, second only to tobacco-related deaths-CNN.com 5.U.S taxpayers paid $39 Billion in 2003 to treat conditions attributable to obesity- NY times. facts: 58 million adult in the U.S are overweight 300 millions adults worldwide are obese and 1 billion are overweight 70% of diagnosed cases of cardiovascular disease in the U.S are related to obesity. 300,000 death in the U.S annually are due to poor diet or inactivity. is there a cure for this? yes every problem has an exact solution here is my contact info. for more details contact no. +639278207283 email add: simply_cj0309@yahoo.com.ph
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@towongfoo27 (2989)
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22 Mar 07
Hi simplycj0309. Where have you been? Are you now just figuring this out? You have a lot of factoids, yet real life usually doesn't add up so neatly. What is the point of this post? You are repeating information to the point of overkill, and it is worthwhile, but it is not the typical mylot discussion.
22 Mar 07
these are facts my friend, im not just trying to give info on my own with the intention of overkill or hurting others. the facts i ahve laid down is a discussion reragding obesity... thats why with regards to solution for more details i gav a contact inof because that will no longer be a typical lot discussion... thanks...
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23 Mar 07
Hello simplycj0309. I think there was a news clip on Fox Chicago awhile back about the 10 fattest cities. Sadly, I think Chicago is one of them. It would be worthwhile to look into. I apologize for my abrupt criticsm okay. Obesity is a very serious problem, and it should be not only looked into, but acted on. Let me know if you find any more facts. Good luck ans happy posting!
26 Mar 07
do you have a messenger like yahoo? i can share you a lot