Do you feel sad when it's raining?

March 22, 2007 12:47am CST
Its 1:30 in the afternoon, i feel bored...i just can't go out of my cold, frigid, full of melancholic emotions..confused..(grrrr!!)..i feel sad, so sad..the rains' just pouring heavily outside. i missed my pet (shiro). he's a japanese spitz. unfortunately, he just passed away last week.:( i feel sad.. coz i just couldn't do the things i want to do anything under the sun! of course, its raining outside..the sun doesn't shine outside! hehe.. anyway, im hoping the rain will stop soon. i know when the rain soon stops, there's a beautiful rainbow, shining, waiting to be seen.. when that time comes, il be a very happy man again... do you feel sad whenever it's raining? i'll be very glad to know what's on your mind!..
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@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
Rains are not so bad, they cool the atmosphere, water your plants and refresh the air. They come when it is their season and go away leaving you clean and rested, at least for the reason you are mostly at home... he,he, do feel so sad about the rain, look inside your home and see what you can enjopy doing indoors, like cleaning your house after your room, spending more time here in myLot, create blogs and stuff in the net... gee... so the rain aren't so bad after all.
• United States
22 Mar 07
I live in an area that does not get much rain (SW USA), so I really enjoy it when it rains. I'm glad at least you maintain some optimism that things will get better when the rain stops. I am optimistic that things will get better when the rain begins!