If you were a grec or roman God/Goddess, which one would you be?

@Emilie88 (143)
March 22, 2007 1:10am CST
Years ago, Grecs and Romans had hundreds of god they would pray for or even offer sacrifices...For every situation in life a God would be responsible for. If you were a god/goddess, which one would you be? Jupiter? Mars? Venus? And Y ....for more god/goddess options..you can view the site www.roman-empire.net/children/gods.html ..It might interest you... Mythology is a very interesting world I find. View the site and don't forget to tell me which god you would be!
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• Philippines
19 Jul 08
I would like to be Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty or Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom.
@ccamsi (13)
• South Korea
13 Jul 07
I would like to be Hermes. Hermes is commonly known as a messenger but this is just a small part of him. Hermes as a messenger from the gods to humans or among the gods could enter and leave the underworld and the world of mortals. This means that there was no boundary or law to limit him. He was a guardian diety for travelers, gates, thieves and liars. He was old as well as young and a man, a woman. He also knew everything about the universe but he was also a fool. He looks like mercury because of his intangible quality like metal and liquid. Because of that, ancient alchemists thought him the great god and also worshipped him. He was an interpreter who bridged the boundaries with strangers and gave us our word "hermeutic" for the art of interpreting hidden meaning. On the first day after his birth Hermes cheated Apollo by hiding the Apollonian immortal cattle. He was accused of stealing the cattle of Apollo and then while arguing with Apollo, Hermes began to play his lyre. The instrument charmed Apollo and he agreed to let Hermes keep the cattle in exchange for the lyre made of turtle's shell. Hermes' creativity for the lyre made Apollo the god of music. He recognized Apollo's hidden talent. Apollo was not able to gain an insight into everything but Hermes had an ability to see what even Apollo could not see. He could read the hidden meaning;he didn't judge by appearances.
@luannemay (258)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
I am interested in Greek/Roman Mythology since i was highscool. I did read a lot of books about them. If i were to choose, or be a goddess i think i would be Athena (greek)/Minerva(roman) the goddess of wisdom and war. I always wanted to be like her. Strong and Intelligent
@year3399 (173)
• China
3 Apr 07
which one would you beit might interest you mythology is a very interesting world i find
• Canada
23 Mar 07
HADES!!!! and I would chill out in my sauna down in hell taking shots of fireball. Hades is so cool! Cerebus a three headed dog!?!?! who wouldn't want one! + Hades gets made respect, imagine being condemned to Hades by someone back in the Roman era? oh #@$@ hahaha!
@g_aileen09 (1354)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
Medusa here.. she's my friend :)
@adela56 (183)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
i like athena