what girls want in a perfect man?

Perfect man - Is this a perfect man?
March 22, 2007 1:17am CST
Generally girls want the beautiful face with good personality..obvously money and a unique style. what do u think????????????
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@x_Jo_x (1042)
13 May 10
I think he's just got to be perfect for you! Doesnt matter what anyone else thinks! Youve got to love spending time with each other, the little things he says or does have got to make you smile! Got to make you happy, make you laugh! Youve got to think he is gorgeous! Even when you have fights, youve still got to love him no matter what. Basically, he has got to be the most special guy in the world to you! Then he is perfect...
• India
8 May 08
Looks and money are sure a case, but i could go without that if my guy was sensitive and undersatnding, loving and caring. And he should respect me in every way...and of course love me...
• Jamaica
27 Mar 08
well surely i do think ur right!
• Romania
2 Mar 08
I like someone that I feel comfortable with and that I can talk to. I want to feel like I am accepted for being the person that I am and not that I have to pretend to be someone else to get his attention.
• India
22 Mar 07
girls refer their man to be honest, simple,understanding...their wavelength should match...no point in having a good face,without a good and pure heart
@decimus785 (1421)
• Aruba
22 Mar 07
The perfect man for a woman would be a man who agree on everything the woman says and allow her to do anything she wants,so there'll never be a fight between them.
@lyndee22 (1211)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
i'll expect man to be understanding and responsible, a good look is another pogi points
@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
i believe there's no such thing as perfect, so my ideal man is not a perfect man but a man with dignity and is responsible enough for me. he should also be a good man who has a nice job...of course :)
@samson1967 (7423)
• India
22 Mar 07
They generally expect their man to understand them.