What do you usually do when you're not comfortable with the person you are with?

@Greyh22 (110)
March 22, 2007 3:33am CST
It's driving me crazy 'coz there's this person who just won't quit bugging me around... what would I do? Help!
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• Philippines
22 Mar 07
When I'm not comfortable with....I just try to be as polite as I can be and just try to make the best of the situation to have fun and enjoy the company. This is a common situation especially when the one you're with is a new acquiaintance or someone you have just recently reunited with etc. The best thing to do is just be civilized about it and going with the flow and just try to be yourself and have a good time and not think how much different the other person is and how weird the situation is and just focus more what you can do to turn the whole thing around into something worthwhile not just for you but for the other person as well.
@ydnac22 (804)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
Nice thought snug.That's exactly me.If I dont like the person I tried to be calm and polite as I can.It's important to try to be as diplomatic as I can.I never think to embarrash that person.It would be nice if you will just focus to yourself and to something that will make your day enjoyable.
@lanny27 (14)
• Philippines
2 Apr 07
i usually do when im not comfortable with the person im with was that im just listening on what he/she was saying, i let them talked, and im just quiet and give them a nice smile.. hehe
@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
2 Apr 07
Just try to avoid him/her but be very careful not to hurt his/her feelings. Sooner or later, he'll/she'll realize that the two of you aren't compatible and would stop bugging you around.... Hopefully., What if its a guy and he's really in love with you? Would you turn him down instantly?