Eisenhower Medical Hospital Killed my Dad . Rancho Mirage CA

March 22, 2007 3:46am CST
As The Subject states They Killed my Dad. There is a Pandemic that has nfiltrated the facility . FACT Eisenhower Hospital Pays 8 Million to Settle Medicare Fraud . Suit Eisenhower Hospital  KILLED my Dad & other Notable patients. This was the Last  Hospital that President Ford was treated at. Hospital to the Presidents . Our attorneys have Secret Disturbing Pictures, medical records,Riverside Coroners Tape/Tapes and Documents of Riverside Health Dept. What goes on there? Genocide, Lies, Deceit, Corruption,Cover Ups, Collusion, Incompetence, Intentional Abuse and Torture, even Bets on Patients Death . The details will make you shudder . I'm sickened as I write this, but it must be done to stop the Evil Doers and so my Dad can Rest in Peace . The impending realities will have the Citizens of this Country running for cover . We know this information needs to be shared as quickly as possible. to save Many Lives . Even though our grief is still ever present, we have the wisdom to know that greater goods will come from disclosing these painful facts to the public. I Love you for Eternity Dad!
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