March 22, 2007 4:28am CST
How much time you take to reconcile with your better half? (for some it may be a bitter half). Please do not come out saying " it depends on the issue ". Whatever it may be, you may give a range (say 1 hour to ...). You may categorize (1) Tough ones (2) Petty one. I saw one TV serial, where the couples are given a tough situation to fight and come out reconciled on a particular situation within 2 minutes !!!. The reconciled couples are selected as best. Without reconciling, the life wheel can not move further. In some issue, one may win and in some other may win. More than winning any issue, solving should be the motto. Your views.....
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• India
22 Mar 07
from day one we have made a habit of dicussing pros and cons on any issue rather than just arguing and reconciling. though petty ones pop up, but rarely i should say, it takes a couple of minutes for me or my better half. TV serials are predecided situations so even if the couple were held to best couple theres seems to be nothing strange about. in reality thougher situations may either break down or patch up the better halves. the answer to without reconciling in your post itself and agree to what you have put in there.
@paulsy (1264)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
when my fiancee and i get into an argument or discussion, we talk (and sometimes yell) for like an hour or so... it goes on and on... then we stop talking for about ten minutes then reconcile right away. we just can't stand being against each other simply because we love each other too much. the "war" would end even in the middle of an argument when i catch him doing or saying a silly thing and i just can't help reacting on how silly he looked or sounded, and we would end up laughing and then hugging and telling each other that we love each other so much..