How is your ideal GF/BF look like?

@gloria777 (1678)
March 22, 2007 5:19am CST
Share your view on how your girl or boy friend should look like. I like girl who always smile and nice body cutting.. i hate girls who are always emotional and bad temper.. it's too bad for anygirl.. cant accept it! How about you ? share with us!
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• Philippines
22 Mar 07
I'm emotional and hot-tempered. I don't like people being hypocrite around me. I don't like sharp-tongued people, either. I don't like mean people. If I would have a boyfriend, I'd look for someone who's reticent, enigmatic and cool-tempered. I get mad because there's something I should be mad about. I don't just flare into a fit just because I like it. There are so many people who think highly of themselves, who think they know everything when they can't understand. I don't like them. I hate catty women and sharp-tongued men. They should look at their smudges first before looking at another's. I just like someone who never ever utter a mean word unless called-for. I like him to be rational, intelligent, good-looking and anti-social. I don't a man with a big mouth. He should be able to help me in my intellectual pursuit. He shouldn't bad-mouthe people unless he's trying to curb malicious tongues. He should never give me a reason to doubt and leave him. I want a disciplined and nice man.