This really happened(what???)

March 22, 2007 5:20am CST
It was a cold night and it was a new city It was ru,moured that the city streets were roamed by a ghost of an old man at nights.I wasnt the sort of a person who believes in ghost stories. It was 9pm that night my self and my friend were returning from a movie.I dropped my friend at his house, mine was just another 500 mtrs to go. halfway through i heard a voice calling me and i turned back, an old man was trembling with cold, I wasnt the sort to be afraid of ghosts, nor believe them, i went and asked him if he needed any help, he told me that he had to sell a book which he had been attempting to do for the past 12 hrs but no one would buy it, when i looked at the book , I understood why, it was a battered one and ofcourse the language would be hard in old books and morover it was some sort of ghost story i dont think many prefer those these days.I asked him the price, 300 rupees came the reply.... exactly the amount iu had in my wallet, did he know it already,It was too much a price for that book, but taking pity on him i bought that book he warned me never to turn to the last page.i wanted to show him there isnt harm and i tried to turn to the last page, he grabbed my hand with such ferocity and said i would hate myself if i did that and i would never be myself.I was surprised by the look of fear in his eyes.I apologised and left home.the next night when i was reading through it, I felt the curiosity to turn to the last page I turned to the last page,My jaws dropped to the bottom I was beginning to feel angry something i have never been before.Know what was in the last page RS.50 LOL I wanted to put this in a joke section, I though the better, cos this is really a joke, and nothing happened
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