Civil wedding or chursh wedding?

March 22, 2007 6:32am CST
I just arrived from a wedding party. My cousin had her church wedding. I observed that church wedding is very expensive than civil wedding because we have to spend for the church, entourage and most of the reception. While in civil wedding it can be simple, after the ceremony, you can have your simple reception or you will just eat out with your family and loved ones. What do you prefer? Church wedding or civil wedding?
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@iamdang (61)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
as a young girl, i fantasized my fairytale-like wedding, with me being the most beautiful bride ever. the presence of a crown on my beautifully-kept hair, most expensive jewelries, most delicate bridal gown, a shoe Cinderella might want to have, a long black limo, freshest flower, tallest cake, yummiest dish and newest carpet on my grandiose CHURCH wedding. also,the existence of honorable guests, beloved family and the perfect groom. that was years ago! as i slowly face life's realities, i realized that those were just too idealistic. too Walt Disney, i must say. experience taught me to face and accept reality... Philippines is not rich, thus, i don't have the luxury to give that fantasy a chance. it's never really good to spend much on a single day celebration, knowing that my countrymen are dying of hunger. all i want now is the presence of my beloved family and perfect groom on my CIVIL wedding.
• Sri Lanka
22 Mar 07
I would love to have a church wedding someday as I have dreamt of it for so long. A church wedding is really nice, The most nicest part is where the groom waits at the alter for the bride.. What do you think?