How is magic viewed in your country?

March 22, 2007 7:55am CST
I'm not talking about stage magicians, but people who practice magic such as sorcery, witchcraft, hedgecraft etc. Is it illegal in your country or are magicians cast out or frowned upon, are they accepted. What is your personal view and your countries view?
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@feralwoman (2199)
• Australia
24 May 07
I'm a hedgewitch and it's not illegal in Australia. I don't tend to announce it in public, but like will find like and a "trainee" male witch found me at the market I do on sundays a few weeks ago. Uncanny! I imagine it would be frowned upon as people are under the false impression that we ride around on broomsticks, burn black candles, sacrifice animals, worship the devil and cast nasty spells and curses upon people. I myself am into the healing ways and have had some successes. Great discussion silverlou. ;)
@farnix (52)
• Singapore
22 Mar 07
For me, it's something I would like to try. But sadly in an Asian context, such mythical ways are thought to be taboo or satan worship. Though I seriously don't know why most singaporeans can brave fire to find mythics to generate first prize 4D or Toto numbers for them, some even willing to sell everything they have to ge rich and lucky.
22 Mar 07
Hecate - The Goddess bless you
I admit to being a pagan, and although wicca or magic is not illegal in the UK, there are sections of society who tend to regard it as "wrong" and we face quite a lot of prejudice from the established church. My personal view is that there is no reason to view wicca any differently from other religions, it has been around for a very long long time.