Car wash or Hand wash, which does the better job?

car wash - car wash or hand wash
@aniraaj (134)
United States
March 22, 2007 11:59am CST
According, to you which one does the better job is it Car wash or just Hand wash? Most people prefer hand wash to car wash since it washes everything from tiny bits to be bigger ones. The automated one just moves the dirt or puts wax on it .... Which one you think is better? any exp u wanna share?
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@ishaan77 (32)
• United States
30 Mar 07
i think hand wash does a better job
@aniraaj (134)
• United States
2 Apr 07
ya even i think hand wash is better
• Malaysia
29 Oct 08
I prefer the hand washing than the machine wash. As you said earlier it is cleaner when a real person washes the car. I send my car to the car wash once a week and the washing is done by a real person. He charges me RM8 to clean the outer side and RM9 if I want inside and outside cleaning. So I think it is better if I tell him to do the inside and outside cleaning because the difference is just RM1 and I get a clean car inside out. I have sent my old car to the machine wash and it was a quick job. I don't have to go anywhere because i am allowed to sit in the car while the machine is doing its job. However I notice the car is not very clean like a person's job and it has left many small sides still dirty.
• Philippines
8 Aug 08
hand wash is far better than car wash..i don't appreciate the result of their job,i never felt contended for the couple of times i had mine carwashed .im sure majority of the car owners would say the same.i don't know how to explain it in words but i really discourage everyone to have a carwash for their vehicles.heaps aniiraaj..="^_^"=
@densky12 (164)
• France
13 Dec 07
for me hand wash is better than car wash too.^^