what's the best kind of cat to have to catch the mice?and why?

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March 22, 2007 3:18pm CST
what is the best kind 's of cat to have to catch the mice. i think abysinnian cats are brilliant and quite naughty though,very active.and also all male cats are usually more vicious when it comes to attacking.but be sure to give them love otherwise it might start ripping the wallpaper.what you say who is best breed of cat and why?
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11 Sep 07
Hi there...although an abyssinian is a great mouser there are certainly many other breeds and mixed breeds of cats who can fetch a mouse or bird just as keenly as an aby. Feral cats are usually the best mousers and many feral cat rescues will trap the cats to spay/neuter and then re-release them into communities that have a bad mouse infestation since they really do not prefer the company of human company...also known as TNR (Trap Neuter Release): http://www.alleycat.org/about.html