Announcing the MPA 207

March 22, 2007 4:24pm CST
My Precious Awards for Lord of the Rings Fanfiction excellence has begun. Nominations will be accepted soon, once all the category details are worked out. If you would love to help out and be part of the LOTR fanfiction community, join: The Awards will be held int he Elvenlords group: Come nominate stories, read stories and even write stories for the awards presentaion. This years theme: Someone gets marrie din the Lord of the Rings characters, who has not yet been decided as it will eb based on votes. The awards ceremony will follow the wedding and then the reception follows the awards. All this will be done in a series of posts in the Elvenlords group and will be following the theme as fanfictions and stories written around the awards. If you love Lord of the rings, especially fanfiction, then this awards is for you!
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