My cousin needs help! With Child Issues

@sanell (2114)
United States
October 17, 2006 11:29pm CST
My cousin has a 6 and 4 year old boys. Her 6 year old is the sweetest boy EVER but her 4 year old is a little monster. She said he started the monster behavior at 2 and she was thinking it would start to die down but it has not and he will be 5 in March of 2007. basically here is the problem. She is not sure what the deal is either he has been doing well with getting ehr attention by acting badly because she says that he is very well behaved when he is at is just when he is at home he will behave INCREDIBLY terrible. she has ignored it but that has not worked, he just behaves even worse to the point where she has no choice but to intervene before something is broken or destroyed. Anyway, I was talking with her about it and the only thing I came up with was to try to provide incentives for POSITIVE and GOOD behavior. She said that treats do work but now it is to the point where even if he finishes his breakfast he feels he is OWED a I said to put a raffle together for him, every time he does something good he gets praise and gets to put a raffle ticket in a jar. This raffle ticket can go towards prizes or something at the end of each month or the end of every 3 months. OR he can choose to rack up additional raffle tickets by skipping a prize for one quarter to get an even bigger prize. Make it a game and maybe that will make him behave better at home too. So she was going to think about it. Anyone have any other suggestions that I can give to her? I need to know before this coming weekend (october 21)
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