my thoughts, do u think of, if u met the frustrate

@hanhaiju (421)
March 23, 2007 12:47am CST
People relationship doesn't become strange for the near or far distance, because whatever don't stop them communicated by heart. If someone asks me, " where is the nearest? i said, " Heart by heart is the nearest?". In the world, i believe there are predestined relationship existed, also there are fate has not been changed. You can manage yourself action, yourself feeling, but you don't control the fate. "Do the host of yourself, do the slave of the fate." What do you think of? Even i told myself, if something re-starts, i will choose another way, another world, there are no feeling, no suffering, no joy, no cry, no anything only the empty thoughts. I don't want to think anything. Forgetting everything existed in the world. If i can live as the bird freely flying in the sky, the fish easefully wandering in the lake. I think I would be the most happy people in the world. Do you think i escape myself from the world ? World is reality, anyone doesn't escape from it. But allowing me to have my feelings and my thoughts escape a while because of my body doesn't break away from the real society. Hi, guys, won't be wrapped by my feelings, my thoughts. it is the bad matters to you, it is the depressive.
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