Lenten season's near.. wanna go fasting and not EAT red meats..?

March 23, 2007 2:06am CST
I'm might be missing the reason why Catholic prohibits eating red meats duringlenten. And I wanna know there are still people who would follow tradition and not consume red meat. Would you?
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• United States
23 Mar 07
It's usually on Friday's only. And yes, we as Catholics usually do follow this. At Catholic schools, they have pizza on Fridays.
@ichurn (611)
• Philippines
23 Mar 07
I don't need to fast and not eat red meats during the Lenten season. First of all, I'm a vegetarian. What is the point of abstaining from meat for a short time? I think it is ridiculous to just abstain from it in a day.. no point. Also, I don't have to fast because I observe discipline in my diet. One shouldn't wait for such occasions just to be a little good on a certain day.
@samson1967 (7422)
• India
23 Mar 07
Lent started long back going to end on 06.04.07. Since lent started( a month ago), i refrain from drinking alchohol and eating all the meat (red & white). But I take Fish (sea).