The prospect of electronic books

@iokyoo (143)
March 23, 2007 2:13am CST
Many people believe that with the development of computer technology.E-books will replace books in their present form ot become the chief mode of reading.People will no longer have to make room for heavy books or carry them around.E-books are so small and can contain lots of info. In my opinion,E-books will become popular in the future for their compactness and convenience,but it can not entirely replace paper books.
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• United States
23 Mar 07
From my prospective, as a writer and avid reader, e-books is a wonderful addition to technology. I don't feel however, that they will ever overtake completely the hard copy book. Books are just too valuable. It is easier to relax and sit down and hold a book for me personally. I enjoy the smell and the feel of books. I think there are many others out there that feel as I do. There are also many book collectors and classic books that are worht thousands of dollars. Books are a wonderful thing. Reading is great whether it be in paper or an e-book.
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@iokyoo (143)
• Pakistan
23 Mar 07
However,convenience is not the only thing.Although e-books will be easy to carry and store,they won't provide the old pleasure of fingering through a favorite paper book.To many people,e-books are more inhuman and more unreal.
@mypigbox (2245)
• China
26 Mar 07
With internet,i can find lots of e-books.i get them online,but i don't like read them online.always i print it and read as a i believe books will not be replace at all.
• Philippines
24 Mar 07
There are now many e-books and they are really very informative. However, they are not available anytime and anywhere you want them because you need a computer to view them. Whereas books could be brought to anywhere and you can read them anytime. I also believe that e-books could not replace printed copies especially books.