March 23, 2007 2:17am CST
Do you agree that being a good person is difficult? For a person to be good, you need 100 years, for a person to be bad, you need 3 days. Do you agree?
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@shila07 (514)
• Bhutan
23 Mar 07
I dont agree with that statement, being a good person is not as difficult as you said, Its simple. We can be good people if we have self confidence.TO be good person, we should have good heart, pure soul and relegious too.
• India
23 Mar 07
being a good person or bad person takes same time. but if you are already bad in the face of others and want to reform into being a good man it would definetly take time but not 100 years, till all those are convinced you have become good. anyway it all depends on the surrondings and friends your are interacting which makes one good or bad. further the upbringing plays a vital role too. being bad would only mean inviting more enemies and being good would certainly add on friends and support from them.