Any Legitimate HYIP You Know

March 23, 2007 2:41am CST
anybody who know any legit HYIP site which has paid you, please give me additional info about this, anybody who is in this business please extend some help. is wise world trade, itrade4u legitimate? pls any info would be a big help for me..
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@lirael (502)
• Philippines
23 Mar 07
Wise trade I'm not sure, but itrade4u is still paying. My advise to you in hyip business is this: Don't get greedy. I should know, when I first started, I jumped into every opportunity that I come across with, and didn't do my homework. Well suffice to say that I lost quite a lot too. But I'm still in hyip, because those that I have lost, I have already recovered. If its too good to be true, trust me, it isn't. Don't expect those that give huge returns will last long, they usually last for only a few days/weeks. One month is quite long for such sites. And watch out for goldcoders scipt sites. Even if the admin there is legit, its scripts are easily hacked and so, they also don't last long. Sites like those are easily recognized, when you log on, the back office will look like this: home account make deposit your deposit deposit history earnings referral history currency exchange withdraw withdraw history your referral referral links edit account logout Or if your not yet a member, the homepage will have this on the page: member login site stats info I'm not saying that all goldcoder scripts are scam. Its just that they're the usual ones. And check out forums, not just monitors. Scammers have a habit of paying only the monitors, so that people who look at monitors will not know that they are scammers. And lastly, if you get scammed, don't get too bitter, you'll miss out the ones that are legit if you focus on your loses alone. I won't post links here, lest I get banned. If youre interested, I've just posted a banner on my profile page. Its one of the hottest hyip in forum, check out that forum and you will see that the members of this hyip are happy. Happy investing!
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• Hungary
4 Feb 11
HYIP's are investment scams. There is no such word like "legit" in their vocabulary
• India
19 Jan 11
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@moreinfo (3867)
• China
23 Mar 07
its hard to say any of the hyips are legit. if you would like to earn some real profits, legisi could be the one.
@wildhorse (1293)
• Egypt
23 Mar 07
There's one good site that's paying since January, since they have changing interest rate depending on each days activities they have better chance of staying on for longer than other HYIPs.. try it with small sums like anything else, so far they are doing very good: