It is good to give our childern a handphone ?

@frodloo (424)
March 23, 2007 3:25am CST
if you have a little child, say it when they are on grade school.. it is nice idea to give your child a handphone and bring it into his/her school ??? or may be not only on his/her school, but they can bring it everywhere ?!! what your opinion ?? it is wise ??
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• Philippines
23 Mar 07
Mobile phones in today's time have been very usedul as an all day long easy access cimmunication medium that virtually anyone can operate. There are several pros and cons with regards to giving your kids as young as that a mobile phone. Letting your kids have thier own mobike can teach them adult-related responsibilities. HTis can teach them the proper use of a phone and can be beneficial in times of emergency involving one or both parites. On the other hand, kids these young can easily be a target for criminals....holdup, snatchers..etc So it would be sort of a drawback. If kids have not been taught the proper use of phones then they can easily abuse that privilege. Most schools do not tolerate bringing of mobile phones in class as it can be disturbing so they must either be surrendered or turned off. That is just proper. In conclusion, if parents think that their kids are mature enough to handle such responsibility then they can do so....if not then it is more feasible to just wait and see if their kids are ready.