Who would win? USA or Russia?

March 23, 2007 4:47am CST
The World as we know it is changing very fast, and the once again growing tentions between 2 of the world's superpowers USA and Russia got me wondering, who will prevail this time? and will there really be war or will the tentions just settle down quietly? If it comes to that, i think that USA will prevail once more, but that's my oppinoin, feel free to say wath's on your mind on this topic.
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@MrNiceGuy (4147)
• United States
26 Mar 07
Growing tensions? Why are we talking about war? The US and Russia are no where near war... There is no issue to decide who would ally with who or who would be right or wrong, let alone to instigate a war.... This seems pretty far out on a limb but IF the US and Russia started to fight again, even a cold war, the US would still win... It came out of the Cold War as the lone super power and would enter a second one as the only superpower in the conflict, a better starting point than before.
@fkh3100 (25)
• Singapore
24 Mar 07
Yeah, US will win, because it has workable military machines and strong navy (US place a lot emphasis on carrier groups while Russia emphasis on submarines). But Russia can inflict damage on US (it is only nation on earth that has the power to destroy US). No, there will be no war. President Putin already acknowlege that President Bush is the first global leader. ( When Putin go to China and climb Great Wall, he climb up to 3 steps , then climb down.. (Bush climb up to 4 steps.) Unless, US go too far in getting what its want, then Europe will side with Russia.